WhatsApp Group

We have moved away from WhatsApp Group and are using Slack now as a messaging app to stay in touch.

Guidelines: Please do not send forwarded messages to “India in Metro Vancouver” Slack group. Yes, NO Forwarded messages please. Second big NO NO is political debates. This group is strictly a social group and politics has no place in it. If group members object to your messages, please do not argue and help us maintaining a cordial social group. If there is a news worthwhile of sharing, just mention it and let people search on their own.

Objectives of the group: To connect with fellow Indians, Indo-Canadians, and help each other out, personally and professionally. Planning and discussing cultural and social events in Vancouver.

Responsibility: It is our combined responsibility to help meeting the above objectives of the group. It is a big group and it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain peace & decorum of the group, not just the admins.

Admins of the Slack group: Neeraj Kumar, Amit Kumar