Bollywood Dance Classes in Burnaby

Join India Cultural Association of Vancouver and Spirit of Dance Academy for Bollywood Dace & Indian Dance Combo Classes.

Indian Dance Combo:

Join us for a structured learning experiece of Indian Dances – a Combo class of Indian Classical Dance Technique and Bollywood Fun! Most appropriate for kids (Ages 4+) and teenagers as the program focuses to train mind and body to become a dance artist! It is also an exciting way to learn more about the culture and stay connected to the roots!
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
* Parents may watch the class in the last 10 minutes and can interact with the instructor thereafter.

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Bollywood Dance Workout Fun:

Give a break to yourself from the monotonous routine! Join us for a cool way of cardio exercise with up-beat music; rejuvenating mind and body while learning some Bollywood moves! Anybody can dance, no previous experience needed. The class will include stretching, warm-up, choreographed bollywood routine and wind-up relaxation!
Time: 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

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Dance Instructor: Niki Patel

Niki Patel has 17 years of experience instructing various Indian Dance Styles in India a well as US. She is trained in various classical and folk dance styles as well as Bollywood dancing; her expertise being in Kuchipudi and Bollywood. With a degree of Nrityatirth (Kuchipudi) she is trained under the able Guru Smt. Rita Choksi. She has performed for numerous Arts and Cultural Shows and events including Bollywood shows in the U.S. wherein she shared the stage with stars like Shankar Mahadevan, K.K., Richa, etc. She not only organizes numerous workshops & shows but also choreographs for school/college events, competitions, cultural gatherings & private family events. She founded her own dance school “Spirit of Dance” in 2003 and is now bringing the fun of Bollywood and Classical culture to Canada! Visit her Facebook page Spirit of Dance Academy


Bollywood Dancing is known as a dance that owes its roots to the Hindu religion and Indian culture. Nowadays, as Bollywood (India’s film industry) expands and grows more popular worldwide, the trend of Bollywood dancing is following with it. Bollywood dancing is a complex, but fun and enjoyable activity that can double as a heart-pumping workout – one as exciting as the beats you’re swaying your hips to!

Read the top 10 health benefits of Bollywood dancing:


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