India Business Network (IBN) Vancouver – Business Networking Group

India Business Network (IBN) Vancouver is providing Business & Professional Networking Opportunities to Business Owners of Indian Origin based in Vancouver area.

IBN Vancouver is a group of local business owners who meet regularly for networking and help growing each other’s business by providing referrals to each other.

IBN Vancouver is a Business Social Network which is developed to help business owners connect with other local business people to boost each other’s business interests by forming mutually beneficial business relationships.

How Business owners can join IBN Vancouver?

Local credible business owners are welcome to join the group. However, the membership is restricted to one type of each business per group (so there is No competition).

Their Network is expanding rapidly, example of some of the business owners who may become part of their group are:

  • Accounting Services
  • Real Estate Trading Services
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Auto Sales & Loans
  • Car body repair and collision repair services
  • Financial Advisor
  • Immigration & Visa Services
  • Photography Services
  • Website Development Services For Small Businesses

Above are day to day services that everyone needs in their daily life. Part of their regular meeting is dedicated to passing referrals. Becoming part of IBN Vancouver may increase your visibility & credibility. If you would like to build your business through word of mouth, you may like consider joining IBN Vancouver.

Visit their website if you would like to connect with them or know more about them.

Business Networking Group

Business Networking Group

How joining a Networking Group Helps?

Joining a networking group means that you get your company noticed. If you are committed to developing relationships, group members will remember you and mention your company name to their friends and other network associates
Source: 10 Benefits of Joining a Networking Group

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